MetLife Pet Insurance Collaborates with AAWA to Improve Accessibility to Pet Care


MetLife Pet Insurance, a premier provider of pet insurance services, proudly announces its collaboration with the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA).

This groundbreaking partnership between MetLife Pet Insurance and AAWA is fueled by their mutual dedication to empowering pet parents to confidently care for their beloved companions throughout their lifetimes.

Together, these industry leaders are tackling challenges surrounding veterinary care accessibility and celebrating innovative animal welfare organizations, exemplified by initiatives such as the prestigious Golden Beagle Award.

This alliance is founded on the recognition of the vital role animal welfare organizations play in nurturing abandoned, neglected, and abused animals.

Brian Jorgensen, Head of Pet Insurance at MetLife, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing, “Animal welfare organizations are vital in providing care and solace to every abandoned, neglected, and abused animal. AAWA has been instrumental in supporting these institutions. We are honored to partner with such a revered organization to address the financial and physical hurdles pet parents may face in accessing medical care. Pets are family, and we are dedicated to ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives.”

MetLife Pet Insurance, a leading provider of pet insurance services, has announced its collaboration with the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA). [ FinTech News ]
MetLife Pet Insurance, a leading provider of pet insurance services, has announced its collaboration with the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA). [ FinTech News ]
In addition to content creation, this collaboration will see MetLife Pet Insurance sponsoring the esteemed Golden Beagle Award. This accolade recognizes animal welfare organizations for their innovative approaches in finding loving homes for larger breed dogs, with the recipient receiving a $20,000 grant to further their impactful work.

Jim Tedford, President and CEO of AAWA, emphasizes, “Access to care is a pressing issue for both animal welfare organizations and pet parents. We are delighted to partner with market leader MetLife Pet Insurance to identify barriers to pet care and highlight potential solutions, underscoring our joint commitment to advancing pet welfare initiatives.”

MetLife Pet Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for pets, ensuring pet parents have peace of mind regarding their furry family members’ health and well-being. Meanwhile, the Association of Animal Welfare Advancement (AAWA) stands as a distinguished organization dedicated to championing and unifying the animal welfare profession.

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