Best Pet Insurance Companies in Canada

Based on our findings, Fetch stands out as the premier pet insurance provider in Canada, boasting extensive coverage of treatments and conditions compared to its competitors.

Ensuring your pet receives necessary veterinary care—be it routine check-ups, vaccinations, or urgent medical attention—is a significant aspect of responsible pet ownership. Opting for pet insurance plans in Canada can assist pet parents in managing veterinary expenses effectively.

Compare the Best Canadian Pet Insurance Companies

Use the table below to compare the cost and plan details of the best pet insurance companies that operate in Canada

CompanyMonthly CostStar RatingAccident Waiting PeriodBBB RatingVisit Site
up to 15 daysA+EXPLORE PLANS


Top Pet Insurance Companies in Canada

Canada hosts numerous pet insurance companies, each with its own unique premium structure. Despite these variations, the coverage provided for pets remains largely consistent across insurers.

Fetch Pet Insurance

4.5 Our Rating
Covers non-routine veterinary exam fees
Reduces annual premiums by up to 30% when you don’t file a claim for 12 months
Provides a generous $1,000 annual reimbursement for behavioral issues
Lacks a multi-pet discount like most other providers
Requires annual medical and dental check-ups to maintain coverage

Plans and Coverage

The company includes dental coverage for every tooth, behavioral treatments, and breed-specific conditions in its standard plan. It also takes care of all exam fees related to injuries and illnesses, such as ultrasounds and diagnostic testing. You can adjust the annual coverage limit to be $5,000, $15,000, or unlimited. Yearly deductibles can be set at $250, $300, or $500, and reimbursement rates range from 70% to 90%.

Coverage is not available in New Brunswick and Quebec.

Wellness Plan: Fetch Wellness + has three plan options: Essentials, Advantage, and Prime, with coverage of up to $735 per year. Each plan covers an annual exam, vaccines, heartworm, flea and tick prevention, heartworm testing, dental cleaning, spaying/neutering, blood and fecal tests, and urinalysis. The Advantage plan also covers microchipping and anal gland expression. The Prime plan covers all of what’s included in the Advantage plan, plus behavioral exams, an activity monitor, and a health certificate.


Fetch aims to provide complete transparency around pricing for their pet insurance plans. According to its website, here are the average monthly premiums for dog and cat insurance in Canada:

Dogs: C$50
Cats: C$30

Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance
4.5 Our Rating Our Review
Reimbursement Rates70%-90%
Deductibles $100-$1k
Annual Limits $2.5k-Unlimited
Offers seven annual coverage limits, ranging from $2,500 to unlimited
Provides affordable accident-only coverage plans
Includes coverage for exam fees and microchipping in standard policies
Does not provide customer service on weekends
Will not cover prescription pet food

Plans and Coverage for Pet Insurance

Spot has four pet insurance plans available for Canadian pet parents. The Level 1 plan offers accident-only coverage on injuries, swallowed objects, and toxic ingestions and is only available over the phone.

Levels 2 through 4 offer accident-and-illness coverage, including conditions such as cancer, diabetes, hip dysplasia, heart disease, and behavioral issues. The only difference among the accident-and-illness plans is the annual limit — $5,000, $10,000, or unlimited.

Preventative Care Plans: Additionally, Spot provides two preventative care plans for extra coverage on routine care costs, such as dental cleanings, wellness exams, vaccinations, fecal tests, and deworming. You can purchase the Routine Plan with a total of $260 of annual coverage or the Advanced Plan with a total of $530.

Cost of Pet Insurance

All sample premiums in this article are for 4-year-old medium mixed breed male dogs and cats in Vancouver, Canada. We requested quotes for each provider’s base plan, using its minimum coverage options (highest deductible, lowest annual coverage limit, and lowest reimbursement rate) for our low-end quote and its maximum coverage options for our high-end quote.

Sample monthly premiums for Lemonade pet insurance:

Dogs: C$56.87 – C$108.63
Cats: C$36.12 – C$69.78

Trupanion Pet Insurance

4.2 Our Rating
Our Review Reimbursement Rates 90%
Deductibles $0-$1k
Pays qualifying claims directly to the veterinarian at checkout to eliminate the reimbursement model
Offers 24/7 customer service and preapprovals
Provides unlimited lifetime coverage and no payout limits
Has no preventive care add-on option
Does not enroll new pets over the age of 14

Plans and Coverage Pet Insurance

Trupanion helps reduce the stress around being able to afford unexpected vet bills with one comprehensive accident-and-illness policy. It covers diagnostic testing, prescription medication, surgery, hospitalization, supplements, and even prosthetics.

Trupanion pays 90% of your unexpected veterinary bills and offers a wide range of deductible options from $0 to $1,000. Pet owners with specific needs can add up to two riders that extend their plan’s coverage.

Recovery and Complementary Care Rider:

Covers additional alternative treatments.
Pet Owner Assistance: Covers liability, advertising, boarding, and end-of-life fees under circumstances outside of your vet’s office.

Cost of Pet Insurance

Sample monthly premiums for Trupanion insurance:

Dogs: C$128.46 – C$570.95
Cats: C$$58.37 – C$245.56

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

4.8 Our Rating
Annual Limits $3k-$10k
Deductibles $200-$500
Reimbursement Rates 70%-90%
Provides uncommon coverage for things like microchipping and vet exam fees
Offers three coverage types: accident-and-illness, accident-only, and preventative care
Has an online comparison tool for looking at competitor plans and pricing side-by-side with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
$10,000 is the max annual coverage limit posted online- others may be available by phone
Has a waiting period of 14 days for accidents, which is longer than some competitors

Why We Picked ASPCA Pet Health Insurance?

We featured the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA Pet Health Insurance) Pet Health Insurance for its impressive reputation, long-standing industry experience, and comprehensive coverage. Born out of a strategic partnership between ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group in 2006, ASPCA’s pet health insurance is one of the oldest in the industry.

Standout feature: In a relatively young industry, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance stands out for partnering with Crum & Foster Pet Insurance Group, which was founded in 1997.

Coverage and Costs for ‘pet insurance’

We named ASPCA Pet Health Insurance our choice for older pets, as the company has no age-related coverage reductions or enrollment restrictions for senior pets. Available in all 50 U.S. states, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers both an accident and illness and accident-only plan, with a preventative care add-on available to cover wellness care services.

According to quotes we’ve gathered, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is affordable compared to average premium costs nationwide. It ranked in our top five cheapest pet insurance companies, with an average cost of $44 per month for dogs and $18 for cats. The national averages calculated by our team are $66 and $32 for dogs and cats, respectively.

What ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Customers Are Saying?

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance was among the most popular providers in our survey — 134 out of 1,000 pet owners have a policy with the company. Nearly half of those respondents chose ASPCA Pet Health Insurance due to its coverage, but others noted positive customer reviews and low plan costs.

While 73% of respondents with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance have filed a claim, many noted issues with the process. Respondents reported long waiting periods for reimbursements, receiving less money than expected, and frustrating customer service. However, 44% of those pet owners have not had a claim denied, and 40% saw reimbursement within one to two weeks.

Cost of Pet Insurance in Canada

Pet insurance costs in Canada can vary by company, location, and the type of services offered and requested. Whether you live in Ontario, Alberta, or Quebec, based on sample premiums we obtained from insurers, the average premium for pet insurance in Canada is $29 a month for cat insurance and $39 a month for dog insurance.

While this may seem like a high and unnecessary monthly expense, it’s actually quite affordable when you consider the high cost of emergency vet bills. The cost of annual wellness checks and vaccinations is from $50 to $200 annually.

Importance of Pet Insurance

Emergency visits for unexpected illnesses or injuries can really become costly. According to Square One, Canadians spend approximately $6.6 billion a year on their pets. Surprisingly enough, less than 5% of Canadians carry a pet insurance policy on their furry friends. Many pet owners don’t realize the value of pet insurance until a medical emergency pops up with their pet, and they have no pet insurance. PetSecure, which is the largest pet insurance company in Canada, charges about $520 annually for a medium-level pet insurance policy.

How Does Pet Insurance Work In Canada?

Understanding Pet Insurance Packages

The pet insurance company may offer a variety of insurance packages with each one offering different levels of coverage. You pay a monthly or annual premium for the insurance. The premium is based on the animal, age, location, gender, breed, and the amount of coverage. You’re required to pay a deductible, which is the amount you must pay each year before the insurance pays, as well as a co-pay amount.

Cost Structure of Pet Insurance

Say, for instance, you chose an insurance policy with a $500 deductible and a 20% co-pay. If your vet bill is $2,000, you will be required to pay $300 ($2,000 – $500 = $1,500 X .20%). Pet insurance policies not only pay for emergency illnesses and accidents, but they also provide coverage for more advanced health care, such as chemotherapy and MRI, as well as alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care. Additionally, you may be able to purchase routine care coverage for standard vet visits.

What To Look for in Pet Insurance Options

Preparing to Choose a Pet Insurance Company

Before choosing a pet insurance company, it’s important to do your research and not only know what each company offers but also which policy best fits your needs. Getting the cheapest pet insurance is not as important as getting the one that fits your pocketbook and your pet’s needs. Here are some things to look at prior to purchasing a pet insurance policy.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirements: Some companies require a pet to be within a certain age group and to have a physical examination prior to or within a certain time frame after enrollment.

Coverage Details

What is covered: Some policies cover both accident and illness, while others may only cover accidents. Make sure you know what you’re getting.

What treatments are covered: Some policies will pay for wellness checks as well as emergency visits, while others are only for emergencies. Are the exam fees covered? Will they provide continual coverage if needed? Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Policy Limits and Deductibles

Payout limits: Make sure you find out if there is a maximum limit on what they’ll pay for treatment and how much that limit might be.

Deductible amount: Find out what deductibles they offer. The difference between a 10% and a 30% deductible on a $10,000 bill is $1,000 or $3,000.

Specific Considerations

Pre-existing conditions: Does the company pay for pre-existing conditions? If they do, find out how much they’ll pay and what types they’ll pay for. Some companies will let a certain amount of time expire (often two years) and then cover an ailment again.

Exclusions: Many insurance companies will exclude certain illnesses or conditions. For instance, treatment for hip dysplasia may not be covered on animals that are prone to developing this illness.

Level of reimbursement: Find out if there is a limit on how much they’ll reimburse you for on a bill. Some reimburse you a percentage of your bill while others will only reimburse you for a percentage of what they feel is a “reasonable cost” for that expense. Find out what their limit is prior to purchasing the policy.

Importance of Pet Insurance

Getting a pet insurance policy is a great way to protect your pet from the unexpected and also a way to ensure they get the quality of care they need to stay healthy for a long time.

Is Canadian Pet Insurance Worth It?

Is Canadian Pet Insurance Right For You?
Yes, pet insurance is worth it for most Canadian pet parents. It allows you to budget for your furry friend’s care and have peace of mind that there will not be financial repercussions later.

Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Provider

The best pet insurance provider for you depends on your needs. If you want ultimate coverage at the cost of high insurance premiums, consider Trupanion. If you would rather fine-tune a policy to your unique situation, Spot is a great place to start. In any case, we recommend gathering quotes from at least three providers before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance in Canada

How do I get reimbursed for a vet bill?

Simply take your pet to any licensed veterinarian and submit your claim. Depending on your provider, you can submit your claim through its mobile app, online member center, or through the mail. Then, you’ll wait for your provider to approve the claim. Once approved, it will reimburse you for the allocated amount in your pet insurance policy through direct deposit or check.

Does pet insurance cover all veterinary expenses?

No, pet insurance plans won’t cover all expenses at the vet’s office. However, insurance will typically cover accidents and illnesses that aren’t pre-existing. Some policies will even offer wellness and preventative care add-ons that add additional benefits to your policy, like wellness exams and vaccines.

What does pet insurance typically cover?

Depending on what type of plan you choose, your pet health insurance plan will cover different things. Accident-only plans provide medical coverage for accidental injuries, such as broken bones, sprains, and prescription medications. Accident-and-illness plans try to extend that coverage to include cancer treatments, digestive illness, hip dysplasia, and similar issues.

Methodology: Our System for Rating Pet Insurance Companies

We evaluate each pet insurance company based on criteria crucial to pet owners like yourself. In shaping our evaluations, we conducted a survey among 1,000 dog and cat owners nationwide to identify the key components of pet insurance coverage. Our methodology involves comprehensive industry research of each provider, including comparing coverage options, obtaining online quotes to gauge pricing, and analyzing customer reviews to evaluate service quality.

Subsequently, we assign a score to each provider on a 100-point scale, which we then divide by 20 to derive an overall rating out of 5.0 stars. Here’s a breakdown of the factors we consider when assessing pet insurance providers:

Factors Considered in Reviewing Pet Insurance Providers:

Monthly Pricing (25%):

To evaluate pricing, we collect sample quotes for medium-mixed breed and purebred dogs and cats, aged from four years old to one year old. Providers earn higher scores in this category for offering affordable coverage and multi-pet discounts.

Plans Diversity (15%):

The top pet insurance companies provide a variety of plans to cater to customers’ preferences. Companies offering accident and illness plans, accident-only plans, and wellness or preventive care add-ons receive full points. We also assess coverage limits, with policies offering unlimited coverage scoring the most points.

Covered Treatments (15%):

Based on our survey findings, coverage is a critical factor for pet insurance shoppers. Companies with a wide range of included treatments and unique coverages earn higher scores compared to those offering more standard policies.

Customization Options (10%):

Customizing your pet insurance policy can impact cost savings. Providers offering more options for annual limits, deductibles, and reimbursement rates receive higher scores in this category.

Customer Care (10%):

Customer service is highly valued by respondents in our survey when comparing pet insurance providers. We evaluate companies based on website accessibility, overall usability, customer service availability, mobile apps, money-back guarantees, and veterinarian telehealth options.

Industry Reputation (10%):

We assess up-to-date ratings and accreditation information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), considering years of industry experience and state availability to score companies.

Waiting Periods (10%):

Shorter waiting periods for accidents, illnesses, and orthopedic conditions between sign-up and policy activation result in higher scores for companies in this category.

Eligible Age (5%):

Some companies impose age limits on covered pets. For this category, we deduct points from providers with age restrictions.

We utilize our rating system to compare and identify the best pet insurance companies in the industry. For further insights, please refer to our comprehensive pet insurance methodology outlining our reviewing and scoring procedures.

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