Biden clinches victory in Michigan primary, but confronts backlash regarding Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

The US president, along with Donald Trump, secures a win in Michigan, but initial outcomes indicate dissent from certain voters regarding Biden’s Gaza policy.

A volunteer holds a sign asking people to vote uncommitted, instead of for US President Joe Biden, outside Maples School in Dearborn, Michigan 2024 in the US presidential primary on February 27, 2024 [Jeff Kowalsky/AFP]

In media projections, United States President Joe Biden is declared the winner of the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan, yet early tallies reveal significant dissent over his stance on Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

Michigan, boasting a sizable Arab-American population, saw Democratic voters urged to mark their primary ballots as “uncommitted” as a protest against Biden’s Gaza policy.

Former President Donald Trump secures a commanding victory in the Republican presidential primary in Michigan, further solidifying his hold on the party’s nomination, with Nikki Haley trailing far behind.

Michigan is poised to play a pivotal role in the upcoming November presidential election, with Biden and Trump likely to face off again in a closely contested battle.

Biden’s narrow win over Trump in Michigan in the 2020 election contrasts with the current discontent among some voters, particularly within the Arab-American community, and progressive Democrats, over his support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza.

Despite efforts from the White House and the Biden campaign to engage with Michigan’s community leaders on the Gaza conflict, the “uncommitted” movement persists, championed by groups like Listen to Michigan and supported by figures such as Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib.

Listen to Michigan expresses satisfaction with the early results, highlighting a significant turnout for the “uncommitted” vote among disillusioned Michigan Democrats.

Notably, a considerable portion of Michigan voters, including young people, opt for the “uncommitted” label, seeking to influence the outcome of the election by withholding full support for Biden.

The Biden campaign acknowledges the participation of Michigan voters but refrains from addressing concerns over Gaza or the “uncommitted” vote.

Both Biden and Trump secure victories in primaries across various states, solidifying their positions within their respective parties.

Despite Trump’s success, Haley vows to continue her campaign, supported by a notable fundraising advantage over Trump’s primary campaign committee.

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