Alan Ritchson Attributes His Survival Through Mental Health Battles to God

The actor emphasized that cultivating a genuine connection with God has been instrumental in his healing journey.

Alan Ritchson attends the Los Angeles special screening of Prime Video series “Reacher” Season 2 at the Culver Theater in Culver City, Calif., on Dec. 13, 2023. (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Alan Ritchson, known for his roles in Prime Video’s “Reacher” and notable films like “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Fast X,” recently shared his journey of mental health struggles and faith. Despite his success, Ritchson has been candid about the challenges he faced.

In a conversation with The Christian Post, Ritchson discussed how his faith played a crucial role in his healing journey after a suicide attempt. He emphasized the importance of serving others and building a genuine relationship with God.

Raised in a Catholic household, Ritchson reflected on a pivotal moment during a podcast episode with Christian Huff. He described experiencing a midlife crisis, grappling with marital issues, fame’s toxicity, and career-related stress. Despite feeling distant from God, he realized that divine presence never waned.

Transitioning through this period wasn’t easy. Ritchson battled emotions like anger and shame but committed to daily prayer and scripture reading. He recounted moments of despair when he felt God’s presence most intensely, leading to a transformation.

Today, Ritchson’s Christian faith guides his life. He launched the YouTube channel “InstaChurch,” sharing uplifting content on various topics anchored in faith. Open about his struggles with addiction, depression, and bipolar disorder, he believes in the power of shared experiences to foster connection and healing.

Ritchson hopes his openness encourages others to share their stories, believing that vulnerability leads to deeper connections and empathy. He sees it as a collective responsibility to nurture such conversations, fostering understanding and support.

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