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Sneaking Fans into Eras Tour: Singapore Charges Duo Linked to Taylor Swift

Sneaking Fans into Taylor Swift Concert: Singapore Charges Two Men with Cheating

Singapore authorities have charged two men with cheating for sneaking three individuals into a Taylor Swift concert without tickets. According to reports, Yang Chenguang allegedly engaged security personnel in conversation while Li Xiao Wei manipulated a turnstile to facilitate the trio’s entry.

The incident occurred last Monday during the third of Swift’s six sold-out shows in Singapore, the only stop of her Eras Tour in the region. Tickets for the highly anticipated event had sold out months in advance, prompting desperate fans from as far as China to resort to resellers for seats. Prior to Singapore, Swift had performed in Japan and Australia.

Singapore is the only South East Asian country to host Taylor Swift's wildly popular Eras Tour shows [Getty Images]
Singapore is the only South East Asian country to host Taylor Swift’s wildly popular Eras Tour shows [Getty Images]

Singapore’s strict legal framework stipulates that individuals convicted of cheating can face imprisonment for up to three years. A third individual arrested alongside Yang and Li is currently under investigation and has yet to be formally charged, according to a statement from Singapore police.

Among those who sneaked into the concert was Chinese influencer Yang Junhao, who claims he unwittingly purchased counterfeit tickets. In a video posted on Douyin, China’s equivalent of TikTok, Yang expressed his disappointment and revealed he had spent 12,000 yuan on the fake tickets.

Security personnel at the Singapore Sports Hub, where Swift’s concerts were held, reported detaining several individuals attempting to trespass into the venue on Monday. Concert organizers pledged to collaborate closely with law enforcement to ensure public safety and security.

Singapore’s exclusive deal with Swift’s concert promoters has reportedly stirred tension among neighboring countries, including Thailand and the Philippines. The agreement, valued at millions of dollars, underscores Singapore’s strategic significance as a concert destination in the region.

Swift is scheduled to perform three more shows in Singapore before concluding her tour in Southeast Asia.

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