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David Harewood: Homeland Star Empowered as the New President of Acclaimed Drama School Rada

David Harewood graduated from Rada in 1987
David Harewood graduated from Rada in 1987 [REUTERS]

Actor David Harewood Assumes Esteemed Role as President of Renowned British Drama School Rada.

In a compassionate move, prestigious British drama school Rada has announced the appointment of actor David Harewood as its new president. This decision brings a fresh perspective and inspiring leadership to the institution.

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With heartfelt sentiment, the actor hailing from Birmingham expressed, “Having been a student at Rada myself and having experienced the triumphs and tribulations of this industry, I believe I am in a unique position to support these young individuals in their journey from students to professionals. Drawing upon the wealth of knowledge and insights gained throughout my 30-year career, I am dedicated to guiding them through any challenges they may encounter.”

Cynthia Erivo said she wanted to help "the new talent of tomorrow"
Cynthia Erivo said she wanted to help “the new talent of tomorrow” [REUTERS ]

Erivo, a talented actress who also once walked the halls of Rada, expressed her delight at the news, emphasizing the significance of a robust support system. Understanding its value firsthand, she eagerly looks forward to dedicating more time to the students, guiding them on their journey towards successful careers in the wider industry.

With anticipation and enthusiasm, the Tony Award-winning performer is set to grace the screen as Elphaba in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Wicked, scheduled for release later this year.

Sir Kenneth said he learned "so much" in the role [BBC]
Sir Kenneth said he learned “so much” in the role [BBC]

Expressing deep gratitude, Sir Kenneth expressed how privileged he felt to have served Rada, acknowledging the immense honor it has been. He also expressed his excitement at welcoming the exceptionally talented David Harewood and Cynthia Erivo to their new positions, recognizing the thrill it brings.

Founded in 1904, Rada holds a prestigious position as one of the oldest drama schools in the UK. Over the years, it has nurtured and honed the skills of numerous renowned actors, including Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hiddleston, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Gemma Arterton, who have become synonymous with excellence in the British entertainment industry.



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