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How Many Games are Played in the Olympics?

When it comes to the Olympics, it’s not just about the medals and the athletes. There is a wide variety of sports and games that are played during this prestigious event. From the traditional sports to the more modern and niche ones, the Olympics offer a diverse range of competitions for athletes from all over the world. But just how many games are played in the Olympics?

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The Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics, held every four years, feature a vast array of sports. The number of games played in the Summer Olympics has evolved over time as new sports are added and others are removed. As of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there are 33 different sports that athletes compete in. These sports are further divided into various disciplines and events.

Some of the most popular sports in the Summer Olympics include athletics, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, and tennis. These sports have a long history in the Olympics and attract a large number of participants and spectators.

In addition to the traditional sports, the Summer Olympics also include a number of niche and lesser-known sports. These can range from sports like archery, badminton, and fencing to more unique disciplines like equestrian, rowing, and sailing.

The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics, also held every four years but alternating with the Summer Olympics, focus on sports that are played on snow and ice. The number of games played in the Winter Olympics is smaller compared to the Summer Olympics, but they are no less exciting.

As of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, there are 15 different sports that athletes compete in during the Winter Olympics. These sports include popular disciplines like figure skating, ice hockey, skiing, and snowboarding. The Winter Olympics also feature sports like curling, bobsleigh, and luge.

Similar to the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics also include a mix of traditional and niche sports. Some of the niche sports in the Winter Olympics include biathlon, ski jumping, skeleton, and freestyle skiing.

Paralympic Games

In addition to the Olympic Games, there are also the Paralympic Games, which are held immediately after the Olympics. The Paralympics showcase the athletic abilities of athletes with disabilities and feature a wide range of sports.

The number of games played in the Paralympics varies depending on the edition. As of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, there are 22 different sports that athletes compete in. These sports include athletics, swimming, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and para-cycling.

Similar to the Olympics, the Paralympics also include a mix of traditional and niche sports. Some of the niche sports in the Paralympics include goalball, sitting volleyball, boccia, and wheelchair fencing.


The Olympics and Paralympics offer a wide range of games and sports for athletes to compete in. From the traditional sports that have been part of the Olympics for decades to the more niche and unique disciplines, there is something for everyone. Whether it’s the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics, or Paralympics, these events showcase the best of athletic talent from around the world.

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