Israeli strikes in Gaza kill at least 13, destroy al-Shifa’s cancer ward

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Israeli forces approach al-Shifa Hospital, trapping hundreds of medical professionals, patients, and displaced individuals.

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have caused significant casualties and damage, including the destruction of the cardiac ward at the main hospital, al-Shifa. At least 13 people were reported dead in an airstrike on a home in Khan Younis. A UN compound in Gaza City, where hundreds sought shelter, was also struck, resulting in casualties.

The conflict persists for the 37th consecutive day, with intensified Israeli offensive actions near al-Shifa Hospital. Health officials report that thousands of medics, patients, and displaced individuals are trapped with diminishing supplies and no electricity. The hospital, accused by Israel of being used as a cover by Hamas fighters, has been repeatedly targeted.

Witnesses inside al-Shifa Hospital describe “violent fighting” around the facility. The cardiac ward was destroyed, leading to the death of two babies in the neonatal unit, where incubators lost power. A man also died when his ventilator was cut off. The Israeli military pledged to assist in evacuating babies from the hospital.

Patients and internally displaced people shelter at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City on November 10 [Khader Al Zanoun/AFP]
Patients and internally displaced people shelter at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on November 10 [Khader Al Zanoun/AFP]

Amidst the conflict, the Israeli campaign in Gaza since October 7 has caused significant casualties, with at least 11,000 Palestinians killed, over a third of them children. UNRWA reports at least 100 of its employees were killed. The campaign has displaced 1.6 million Palestinians, impacting over 70% of the enclave’s population and causing extensive infrastructure damage.

The dire conditions faced by Palestinians, now living in overcrowded outdoor camps, include a shortage of food, water, and medicine. Humanitarian workers emphasize that the limited aid allowed into the enclave is insufficient compared to the pressing needs.

Hamas, according to Israeli officials, initiated a surprise attack on October 7, resulting in the death of more than 1,200 Israelis and the taking of around 240 hostages.

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