Cillian Murphy Embraces Oscars Excitement, Expresses Joy in Playing Oppenheimer, According to Star (Published)

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By Thomas Mackintosh

Cillian Murphy opened up about the challenges of being in the spotlight but shared his determination to savor the upcoming Academy Awards, where he’s nominated for Best Actor for his role in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. The Irish actor, set to compete with Bradley Cooper for the prize, expressed a positive outlook, stating, “You’d be silly not to enjoy it,” during an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. When asked by host Lauren Laverne about handling the unfamiliar territory of the Oscars, Murphy shared his thoughts on navigating the experience.

“I’ve grappled with it before, and you know, it’s not something I’m ever completely comfortable with, but I believe you have to make a conscious decision to enjoy it. You can sort of make that mental switch, and it becomes easier,” shared the 47-year-old actor.

Cillian Murphy, renowned for his roles in films like 28 Days Later, Red Eye, and his portrayal of Tommy Shelby in the popular BBC series Peaky Blinders, is known for being private about his personal life.

In a discussion about his experiences with red carpets, he admitted finding them “challenging.” However, Murphy acknowledged that having his wife, Yvonne McGuinness, by his side has been “crucial” in keeping him grounded, especially since the extraneous aspects of being an actor can be demanding.

Reflecting on the importance of a secure and solid foundation amid fame, Murphy remarked, “To have a really secure solid base (with fame) is important. It’s been really important for me; you have to have that safe place. I think I certainly do, where it’s just like an island of comfort and ease.”

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