Aria Awards: Troye Sivan Scores Major Wins, While Kylie Minogue Triumphs with ‘Padam Padam’

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Troye Sivan Takes Top Honors at Aria Awards, Kylie Minogue’s ‘Padam Padam’ Clinches Best Pop Release on Australia’s Premier Music Night

At the Aria Awards, Troye Sivan emerged victorious with significant wins, while Kylie Minogue’s “Padam Padam” secured the title of Best Pop Release on Australia’s most prominent music night.

Sivan’s impressive haul included four awards, notably Song of the Year for “Rush” and Best Solo Artist, as the ceremony unfolded in Sydney.

Expressing his disbelief at the recognition, Sivan remarked, “This has been the most insane week of my life, like ever,” especially after recently garnering two Grammy nominations for Best Pop Dance Recording and Best Music Video.


Attempting to downplay the excitement, he added, “I try and play it cool like this is all normal, but it’s really tripping me out, and it’s so exciting. I’ve been doing this for like ten, eleven years at this point, and to feel this much energy and love – I’m confused but so happy.”

Hailing from Perth, Sivan, along with producer Styalz Fuego, also secured victories in the categories of Best Engineered Release and Best Produced Release.

Despite his achievements, Sivan’s album “Something To Give Each Other” wasn’t eligible for the Album of the Year category this year, opening the possibility for consideration in the upcoming awards cycle.

Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue celebrated her first Aria Award in 21 years, clinching the Best Pop Release for her hit single “Padam Padam.”

Overjoyed, she expressed, “This is just unbelievable, and I am super super happy,” in a video from another location. This latest accolade adds to Minogue’s impressive tally of seventeen Aria Music awards.

Looking ahead, in February, Minogue will compete with Sivan once again, as she received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Dance Recording.

Troye Sivan hit the red carpet in a yellow tank top [GETTY IMAGES]
Troye Sivan hit the red carpet in a yellow tank top [GETTY IMAGES]

Earlier in the evening, Taylor Swift secured the title of Most Popular International Artist, a recognition bestowed by fans.

The ceremony took on a somber note with impassioned appeals for a ceasefire in the Middle East. Genesis Owusu, who claimed both Album of the Year and Best Hip-Hop Release for “Struggler,” urged the community to rally against the ongoing atrocities worldwide. “There are atrocious things happening in the world right now that I think as a community we should be putting our minds, heart and bodies behind to stop it at any junction that we can,” he asserted, concluding with a powerful call for a ceasefire and the freedom of Palestine.

Nic Cester, the frontman of rock band Jet, which received an induction into the Aria Hall of Fame, also acknowledged the prevailing conflict, stating, “It’s impossible to turn on the news at the moment and not to be confronted by the destruction being committed through war, racism, and politics.”

Positioned as the “premier event” in Australian music, the Aria Awards embraced a mix of celebratory recognitions and a solemn acknowledgment of global challenges.

Australian rock band Jet was inducted into the Aria Hall of Fames [GETTY IMAGES]
Australian rock band Jet was inducted into the Aria Hall of Fames [GETTY IMAGES]

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